02.12.12 : 3rd Annual MY BLOODY VALENTINE NITE — Part Time Punks Present: WEEKEND [Slumberland Records] + GRIMBLE GRUMBLE + TROPIC OF CANCER @ Echo

Time to get ready for the Valentine’s Day spirit!  But forget that lovey-dovey crap.  Instead, you and your significant other should come to The Echo for some good ‘ol punk music. Weekend, a post-punk band from San Fransisco, has been making waves since their formation in 2009.  Since then, they have released two EPs and one full length album. Their LP, Sports, was released by Slumberland Records in 2010.  The album has ten tracks full of that shoegaz-y garage punk feel due to the guitar squalls, ominous vocals, and steady rhythms.  According to NPR, Sports displays a “tug-of-war between the forces of punk and shoegaze, tight rhythms and messy effects. Sounds smash full-speed into each other, but none dominates the others”(NPR). Basically, Weekend takes elements from every punk iconic band and adds it all together to create something original.  The end result: something not to be missed.

Weekend Music

To add to the festivities, Grimble Grumble will be playing their set as well.  This Chicagoan band has been jamming since the nineties, so they know their stuff.  For all you Pink Floyd fans scratching your heads…yes, their name is based off of The Gnome.  Now don’t go off into your trippy memory lane.  Stay with me here, because this band is worth a look. Grimble Grumble is a lo-fi psych-rock band known for their bluesy/garage rock sound.  They incorporate the excitement of the punk rock scene with the structure of prior post-rock icons.  Check out their tracks at Last.fm. Definitely a must-see live performance!

To end this group of awesomeness, we can’t forget about Tropic of Cancer.  This Long Beach duo consists of Juan Mendez (Silent Servant, Sandwell District) and Camella Lobo. Listeners will hear Mendez’s familiar dark drive, but there’s more to it than that.  Tropic of Cancer also fuses post-punk, minimal wave flex, and ghostly vocals to create an enchanting shoegaze sound.  In 2011, the band released their newest EP, The Sorrow of Two Blooms”.  In an interview, Lobo described their sound by saying, “Juan is very visual, whereas my perspective is firmly rooted in storytelling. Somehow those points of view come together to form music that others have referred to as dark and foreboding. We just think it sounds like us. We never force anything. It just happens” (Dummy Article).  Well whatever their method…it’s working.  Check it out at Bandcamp.

So for all you people freaking out about Valentines Day, I think the right choice is clear.  Forget about the overpriced candy, jewelery, stuffed bears, and chocolates—make a new Valentine’s tradition.  Come jam out to amazing music at The Echo.  You won’t regret it.