02.25.12: Unknown Mortal Orchestra with White Arrows/TRMRS/Hollerado @ Echoplex

Trying to find information about Unknown Mortal Orchestra is not easy.  Their whole existence seems to be a mystery.  The world first became aware of UMO in 2010 when the group created a bandcamp account holding one track called “Ffunny Ffrends”.  Since then, everyone has been trying to uncover the mystery.  Turns out, the band started as a project of Mint Chick’s guitarist, Ruban Nielson. After their breakup, Neilson moved from New Zealand to Oregon.  There, he met local Portland producer Jake Portrait (bass) and teenage prodigy Julien Ehrlich (drums).  Together, the three of them make UMO. 

On June 21st, 2011, UMO released their debut album on Fat Possum Records. The album was created at an in-house studio.  Just like “Ffunny Ffrends”, the band has a psychedelic indie rock vibe. The tracks have catchy melodies mixed with a raw production style.  Many people have thrown around the phrase “eerily extraterrestrial” to describe this album, which has given them a few Cults and Sleigh Bells comparisons.  But UMO provides us with an entirely different sound, combining funk, pop, quirkiness, Krautrock rhythms, and amazing songwriting into one solid piece of matter.  It may sound confusing…but it’s a real treat for your ears!

Since March 2011, the trio has toured across the USA with Smith Westerns, Portugal the Man, and Yuck.  Their idea of staying in the shadows won’t work for much longer.  Great music like this can’t stay hidden forever.  But don’t take my word for it (unless you want to).  Check them out at Last.fm.  And read Pitchfork’s review.

As if that wasn’t enough…White Arrows will be playing, too!  Their self-titles debut album was released on September 2nd, 2011.  This seven track album has an energy all its own. On their website, they consider their music to be a mixture of psychedelic, electronic, and lo-fi.  What they don’t tell you is how ridiculously catchy their tunes are!  Believe me, you’ll be singing “Coming or Going” long after you listen to it.  Wanna make this a challenge?  Go to their website, listen to a few tunes, and TELL me you didn’t tap your foot once.  Don’t lie…we all win here.  I like being right and you like finding great music.  WIN WIN SITUATION!  You can thank my elementary school guidance counselor for teaching me that.  But seriously, this band will knock your socks off.  They will definitely show you a good time.

Still not satisfied?!?!?  Then you’re a REALLY picky person.  But we’re pretty cool people…so we’ll give you more.  TRMRS, pronounced tremors, will be jammin’ with us too.  This band is pretty local, being from Costa Mesa.  They can be described as “trash pop”, which basically means a whole lot of awesome. To break it down, their tracks are fast paced for the most part.  They’re known for their distortion, reverb, and chanting.  With that, they often mix in lots of tempo changes and psychedelic vibes.  The end result—fun music.  Just take a listen to their album, Sea Things, and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

I’m getting excited for this show just from writing about it!  Well, I have one more band for you to get to know.  They’re called Hollerado and they rock!  Before I even dive into their info, check out their video for Americanarama.  Did you watch?  Yeah, your mind has officially BEEN BLOWN!  No thanks required.  Personally, the pong part was my favorite.  Anyhoo…this indie-rock group hails from Canada, which is good because that country seriously needed to reestablish their artistic abilities after the Bieber epidemic.  Since their formation in 2007, this group has played at festivals such as SXSW, Pop Montreal, Sled Island.  They’ve play with Andrew W.K., The Stills, Malajube and The Dead Weather.  They’ve won $250, 000 in a competition in Ottawa AND are a  Juno Award nominated band.  They’re LEGIT.  Their fun-loving lyrics and melodies will get stuck in your head for hours.  You just can’t help it.  

So that’s four bands.  FOUR AMAZING BANDS!  So the logical action after reading this post would be to what?…BUY TICKETS!!!! You’ll hate yourself if you don’t.  And we don’t want you to hate yourself.