FOMO #19: FOXYGEN at the Echo with La Sera and Magic Trick


WHAT THEIR VIDEOS LOOK LIKE: (awesome stop motion!)


Foxygen is composed of songwriting duo Sam France (vocals) and Jonathan Rado (guitar/keyboards). Stereogum compares France to Jagger on their track “Waitin’ 4 U” (download here), just one great example of why Foxygen needs to be your next indie band obsession.

Aquarium Drunkard describes their music as “controlled chaos,” referencing some of the odder moments to the Kinks, and other moments to Jonathan Richman. B Kramer of Aquarium Drunkard describes Foxygen’s unique sound perfectly: “In this, their homespun world, everything must feel good – each beat, horn, and synth choice must be just so; every gap must be plugged with an experiment, a murmur, a whisper – not another rhythm guitarist; neighbors should be respected when vocals are recorded at night but fuck the neighbors when they’re all at their day jobs.”

Foxygen’s versatile, Stone’s-esque indie rock is addicting. Their music is totally different, totally modern - exactly why you should not miss them when they come to the Echo with La Sera and Magic Trick.

La Sera with Magic Trick and Foxygen

Friday 7.20.12 / 8:30 pm / 18+ / Echo

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