Echo Chamber: Bear in Heaven love you and it’s cool! Echoplex tonight!

I Love You, It’s Cool, the latest record from Brooklyn’s electronic-hinged, alternative rock lullers, Bear in Heaven was predicated, press-wise, by a rather ingenious ‘stunt’ of sorts. They offered the full-album stream, not uncommon these days, except, the entire stream’s playback required quite some time to listen to and it wasn’t because of a slow internet connection- It was 2700 hours long. The band slowed their ten new tracks, way, way down, by 400,000%, giving the set a scope that was nothing more than a weightless and glacial drone. There was also a mockumentary to accompany it and the rather fun, 80s-pressed video for single “The Reflection of You,” (neon lights, frantic close-ups) that damn-near elicits a headache after a minute or so of watching. While these all sound like things a hip band from Brooklyn would do, because they are, well, just a hip band from Brooklyn, the stream proved a fun talking point for a record that feels made for a much broader scope than any previous offerings, including the lauded sophomore effort, Beast Rest Forth Mouth. Whereas that set led you to uncover the varied undertones and dark mists rippling throughout, Cool, from the start is much more comfortable in its in own skin and the proof is, like Beast, in its building blocks. Though singer John Philbot and his pair of holy ursidae tinkerers are known fans of outsider noise experiments (two hours are of that 400,000% slowdown are included on the special-edition of the new album), the fact that the band have again conceived a record, boned by the deep and lavish sounds of kraut, dub and space rock, that can occupy the same and ever confounding iTunes tags of “indie” and “dance” with total playback ability, is what really deserves your attention. The last few times Bear in Heaven have played L.A., they’ve been booked upstairs at The Echo, so don’t miss Tuesday’s Aquarium Drunkard-presented slot as we collectively welcome their promotion to the downstairs stage. Support comes from Rainbow Arabia and Electric Flower Group. The Echoplex, 8/7, 8:30pm, $14-$16

- Matt Draper


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