FOMO #30: Hundred Waters at The Echo Friday, 10.12.12

Hundred Waters

WHAT Hundred Waters SOUNDS LIKE:



Hundred Waters was woven together under the spell of a viscous Floridian summer, from a home on its own in the woods amidst a city. The music sets sail into ancient seas, subtly shifting through worlds of howling silence, borealic tales, and briarpatched exotica, ultimately arriving into the arms of a caring embrace.

Nicole Miglis narrates the journey alongside Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese, Zach Tetreault, and Sam Moss, in Hundred Waters’ debut release. The album was composed, recorded, torn apart, reshaped, spat on, shined, and tucked in at their Gainesville home through a method of remote collaboration and thoughtful solitude, reconvening at the helm to gather their threads into rope, and pull.

Featured on Pitchfork Rising: "When Gainesville five-piece Hundred Waters released their gorgeous electronic/avant-folk self-titled debut earlier this year, one of the most remarkable things about it was the sheer quality of sound. Every single sonic detail— from the sparkling synth flourishes to frontwoman Nicole Miglis’ dulcet coos to Zach Tetreault’s scuttering percussion— is so rich and pristine for a self-recorded release that it made you wonder if they were being secretly bankrolled by some studio magician." - Pitchfork

Don’t miss them at the Echo on Friday, 10.12.12 with Wildcat! Wildcat! and Strange Talk!

Hundred Waters / Echo / 10.12.12 / 8:30pm / $8-$10

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