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Mike Watt in Conversation with Avi Buffalo

In anticipation of our show with Il Sogno Del Marinaio, we asked our good friend Avi Buffalo to interview the influential Minutemen / Dos / fIREHOSE and now Stooges bassist, Mike Watt.

Avi’s Note: Of course being a fan, and having myself been inspired by Watt, I was more than stoked to ask him questions about playing music, life and inspiration! Since I was a teenager, he’s been an important musician for me to see live as much as possible and he will continue to be for me and many people as long as he is on this earth.
Check out the new Il Sogno del Marinaio record featuring phenomenal guitarist Stefano Pilia and super drummer Andrea Belfi. It is their second album, fittingly titled Canto Secondo. The music is a mind and ear-tricking mix of punk and jazz fundamentals, with an upfront poetic twist. Stefano’s guitars pull you left and right while Watt locks tight to Andrea’s drums and recites lyrics over it.

What is the best part about playing music to you?

Initially, making music with my friend, [Minutemen guitarist D. Boon] was the best part about it, and after he died I didn’t know what to do. But people like Thurston Moore, Kira Roessler (DOS), Saccharine Trust, George Hurley (fIREHOSE) and Ed Crawford (fIREHOSE), all kept me into music and “put me back on the horse” by asking me to join them in making music after that loss. Then I went on to make “Ballhog or Tugboat,” and other rock operas, and lots of other albums. So the best part about playing music is to keep learning.

How do you stay inspired to practice and what chops do you find important to keep up?

Chops don’t matter to me as much. When I’m working on songs, I’m working on songs. When I want to practice to be good and comfortable on the bass, I improvise. When D. Boon and I were growing up there was a cool guy who lived in his van named Ray Mendez Lopez who showed us some things about playing music, and he made a very big point to us that practicing was very important. That was a work ethic I was taught. Raymond Pettibon taught us a lot about jazz, and a lot of friends we had in the punk scene starting out were into jazz. When getting good at music it seems to be a bit a mix of luck, and then following a discipline after from the excitement of it.

Does having many projects to work on cause new perspectives?

The first album with Il Sogno del Marinaio, La Busta Gialla, came about after having been invited to play a festival in Cesena. Stefano first wrote me and asked if I’d join him and a drummer he knew, Andrea, and we ended up getting together in a studio in the middle of the resulting six gig mini-tour and making that record back in 2009. For this new album, Canto Secondo, after now having known each other more and having done a european tour for La Busta Gialla the year before, we took eight days last December to record at a studio called Vacuum that’s in an old barn outside of Bologna, Italy. Anyway, all those shifts in projects and changes in environments change a lot and teach you a lot.

When you play with The Stooges, who do you listen to or what influence do you draw from to do those songs justice?

When I’m playing bass for Stooges songs, I’m following after the original Stooges bass players (Dave Alexander, Jimmy Recca, Zeke Zettner), and I listen heavily to their records to play their parts well. It can be very hard sometimes because of their feel! I was very inspired by punk bassists growing up, and the rock stuff from England was very pro-bass. People like John Entwistle, Jack bruce, Geezer Butler and Trevor Bolder I could hear the bass louder in recordings and got into their playing when I first started playing bass. U.S. guys that influenced me much were James Jamerson, Larry Graham, and Bootsy from R&B.

Il Sogno Del Marinaio’s Canto Secondo out now via Clenchedwrench.
Avi Buffalo’s, At Best Cuckold out now via Sub Pop.

Burger Records x The Echo = Burger Saturdays

Burger Records
just about runs this town these days. The panache, the Miler High Life laden swagger, and the downright tunes set them apart in the world of slingin’ rock tunes and putting on gnarly shows.

We’re pretty jazzed to be putting together a series of 3 shows with the Burger folk for the next 3 Saturdays. The appropriately named “Burger Saturdays” is free for all y’all 21+ year olds, and $5 for those that aren’t.

Oh right, the bands.

This Saturday we’ve got The Aqua Dolls + more.

The 19th of July we’re lookin’ at Summer Twins + friends.

Finally, we’re finishing things off July 26th with Vision.

Echo Park Rising is here folks!

Stay tuned, we’ve got MANY more bands and surprises to announce.

More info here.

Echo Park Rising is here folks!

Stay tuned, we’ve got MANY more bands and surprises to announce.

More info here.

Young & Sick. Wed July 2 at the Echo.
Tickets on sale NOW!

Weekly Update - 3.21.14

For anyone who went to SXSW, just a reminder - music is meant to be heard and felt; it’s not supposed to be background noise or beige wallpaper or a bag of dorito chips; it’s not meant to be a marketing tool so you buy stuff from corporations… just thought I’d make the clarification before we go on.

We are really looking forward to the LA debut of Philadelphia’s
THE DISTRICTS - they’ll be one of the 9 bands playing the Post-SXSW-Party on Saturday. We saw them in Austin and were hooked within a few guitar chords of their folky rock and heartfelt songwriting. You’ve heard it before but these kids have the magic. Not to be missed also is Baltimore’s Sun Club and the breezy groovy pop of Washington DC’s Misun.

Next Wednesday check out three of our new fave bands - the moody sultry LA GIRLFRIEND, the dark groovy brooding of Flaamingos, and Plague Vendor who we’re pretty sure have listened to Gun Club’s Fire of Love before. Come out and support these kids now!

We love that twisted messed up folk/Americana stuff and SAINTSENECA currently has our ear with their broad scope of crafted songs; as Pitchfork wrote, “bandleader Zac Little writes stompy folk songs that are more artfully crafted than all the bands you probably just thought of when you read the words “stompy folk songs.” Opening is THE BLANK TAPES who are sort of like that thing you take for granted and then one day wake up and go wait, this is awesome! Why haven’t I paid attention!? Matt Adams IS The Blank Tapes and he’s been a guitar toting garage rocking troubadour for many years. He now has a full line up and their recent release “VACATION” sparkles and shimmers and takes you for a glorious ride like a south swell at Huntington Beach.

Next Friday Echo will be heavy with the cool/groovy/hip hop/nu soul/sampled vibe as Soulection takes over featuring Waldo and Iman Omari. If you’re looking to be ahead of the curve, this is where you start. Soulection has a series of mix-tapes that have laid the foundation for their collective and sound.

And we’re counting down the days for ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT… this San Diego band brought grit and style and rock bravado to their sweaty live shows in 90s and we don’t expect anything less today. Front man / guitarist John Reis is swagger and cool as he leads their anthemic punk rock chants.

And stay tuned for two great upcoming events: The 5 year Origami Vinyl anniversary party on April 3rd - expect cupcakes, good friends, some bands and surprise dj sets! And we’re already excited for Echo Park Rising to return on August 15-17!

We also want to take a moment to say RIP Reggae Pops. He was a mainstay at the Echo, especially Dub Club, and we’ll miss his spirit that will forever remind us to celebrate love and life!

And today is the first day of Spring… go outside and take a walk!

The Weekly Update - 2.7.14

Please note, as far as we know, ECHO PARK is fine with being called the “Eastside” (what’s the deal Silver Lake? Do you think you’re taking the high road here? We’ve had so much fun being in this “eastside thing” together - why do you want to separate from us?!) EVERYONE respects the diverse history of Los Angeles and knows that the rich culture that was born in East LA will always have its identity.

So we got through our first week of residencies and WOW! Monday was a creative collective of local bands headed by Echo residents Kera & the Lesbians and Kan Wakan in the Echoplex! PS if you’ve ever wanted to see our secret staircase Mondays in February is the night!

Tuesday was the refreshing brother-sister duo now with band THE BELLE BRIGADE. Their new release is out 3/25; come next week to hear the new tunes in advance!

It’s not everyday you get a 15-piece orchestra inside a rock club but that’s what MOTHER FALCON did! These classical trained Austin musicians are highly recommended and you can catch special shows with Jukebox the Ghost and Mark Mulcahy (who wrote the Adventures of Pete & Pete theme and so much more!) later this month!

Baths and Peaking Lights will be at the Natural History Museum tomorrow with their bleeps and blips and electronics and dub for our second First Fridays of 2014. While tickets for the mammal room are sold out you can still get tickets to come hang at the museum and watch from the dinosaur lobby or drink a bunch of wine and chill in the gem room.

Once in awhile we get to have a Hall Pass night at the Echo/Plex! We have Hall Pass tickets available for February 21 - two rooms! lots of music! AND you get to use that staircase again! In the Echoplex we have FEAR of MISSING OUT artists: Wildcat! Wildcat!, Body Parts and MT OSSA; in the Echo we got some new hipster kids worth paying attention to via PopShop: Magic Man, Scavenger Hunt and Mother.

Also, we just moved ODESZA down to Echoplex due to demand so make sure and snatch those tickets up before it’s too late!

Remember seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman as Scotty J in Boogie Nights? Tragic and beautiful; the creative and courageous actor will be missed.

Thursday, November 21, 2013 at The Echo
Obits and
Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place (Pinback) + Obliterations 
Wednesday November 20th, 2013 at The Echoplex
Dub Club Presents Barrington Levy
$15 advance l $20 door
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Turbo Lightning Record Release Show
Washing Machines + Moses Campbell + Clipping 
Tuesday November 18, 2013 at The Echo
Deptford Goth

That Great Fest: Echoes West 2014

Echoes West Fest returns to The Echo + Plex on November 23rd and the lineup is, quite simply, fantastic.

Flamin’ Groovies // David J with members of Sky Parade playing Love + Rockets // Nightbeats // Magic Wands // Abigails // Beach Party // and heaps more.

Tickets are $15 in advance and on sale now.

All proceeds benefit Sasha Vallely of Spindrift’s medical costs.

FOMO #103 Kylesa

TUNE into what KYLESA sounds like: “Unspoken”

WHAT they’re all about:

Incorporating experimentalism and psychedelic rock, Kylesa, is a sludge metal band that was formed in Savannah, Georgia. During their last decade, Kylesa has been able to fuse creative, compelling, and stylistic elements to highlight their momentum. Their extrinsic factors emphasize their maddening habit of internal turbidity. For veterans, Kylesa, their 6th album, “Ultraviolet" proves no sign of slowing down.

WHEN they’re coming:

Check them out on their Pinkish Black and Sierra Tour at the Echoplex Monday, October 14th 2013 by purchasing tickets here.

An Evening with Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs)

Wednesday, October 9

Advanced tickets sold out, some may be available at the door.

The Echo


FOMO #102: FEVER THE GHOST at The Echo 10.08.13


What FEVER THE GHOST sound like: 


FEVER THE GHOST are a relatively new band, but in just a short span of time they’ve generated quite a buzz in the LA music scene. Their psychpop tinged performance at the year’s ECHO PARK RISING proved full of promise and sparkle. 

Kevin Bronson of BuzzBands writes: “Fever the Ghost is heavy on the effects, but equally heavy on complexities. The cosmos will want to hear more.” And our friends over at Origami, who also hosted an in-store with FTG a few months back, write “We’ve played their newest 7” titled ‘Rounder’ a bunch in the shop, and Sean, aka ‘The Stentz,’ summed up their sound best by describing it as ‘Avi Buffalo meets UMO meets Led Zeppelin.’”

Come see for yourself why all ears and eyes are on this foursome. 

FEVER THE GHOST with Clear Plastic and Ev Kain

Tuesday, Oct. 8

The Echo

Tickets $8