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I was hooked on ‘If Not For You’ from the outset and this lo-fi version of a great Dylan track definitely delivers. Tashaki Miyaki is an LA based duo which between the echoing vocals and rhythmic guitar brings to mind The Velvet Underground and the likes of other shoegazing noise rock. - blahblahblahscience

Lo-fi California duo Tashaki Miyaki has taken on some Everly Brothers songs for the appropriately titled Tashaki Miyaki Sings The Everly Brothers (Rough Trade). The band’s rendition of “I Wonder If I’d Care As Much” is beautifully executed and tantalizing. It can be risky covering certain songs, and if not done right, it could be disastrous. Fortunately, Tashaki Miyaki pulls through and gives us an awesome track. - MAGNET

The first track, Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’, posits TM as a female Jesus and Mary Chain, which is great because the least appealing thing about the Mary Chain was Jim and William Reid’s sullen male schtick (discuss). The vocals are from the Debbie Harry school of sounding sweet and then kicking your face in. It’s lovely – just like honey, in fact, only watch out for the razor blades. All I Have to Do Is Dream is a cover of the Everly Brothers ballad, only slower, like a funeral march on Mogadon. You’ll like it if you always believed the original needed a little fuzz and feedback to tease out the sense of menace, and if you found Don and Phil excessively cloying. Also, this makes the lyric sound more like a threat than a promise, which is nice.- UK Guardian Band of the Day

We first crushed on Tashaki Miyaki last month when the California boy-girl twosome slid across our radar for their foggy brand of dream pop. Now they’re gearing up to release a new 7” of covers, including their amazing take on “All I Have To Do Is Dream” by The Everly Brothers- which is actually the song that introduced us to the band in the first place.
They also work their beachy dark magic on Bob Dylan’s strummy 1970 hit “If Not For You,” and we have your first listen here. So if you haven’t already, fall under the Tashaki Miyaki spell. - NYLON MAG

“enchanting black-and-white texture blending traditions of Japanese minimalism and the American frontier.  It’s all so pretty I’m afraid saying anything else might diminish it..”-The FADER

Playing with Art Vs Science / American Royalty / Polaris at Noon TONIGHT at The Echo. Tix are still available online until 6pm and we’ll have some at the door as well! DON’T. MISS. OUT.